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My First Photo Book. Text: Bela DuranciBrown.Say Hi. He hit me later.Accidental Meeting44 years together. Happy anniversary!Devided WorldPlanet, PalicEnd of the WinterNoonFrozen PumpBroken MonumentGliding, PalicEquipmentTeaching & LearningAfter the CompetitionFrozen LakePalić in WinterGliding, PalicBefore the StartPreparingWinter Sports, PalicFollow the White RabbitCheakingResting and ExposingEFES Bear Sun GameWaiting for CustomersRight PlaceYummieDoing Right JobStore with EverythingNo Problems in HarbourProblems in HarbourLayers, Antalya, TurkeySt Niclas Churche, TurkeySomewhere in Myra, TurkeyDemre (Myra), Actual SizeDemre (Myra), common placeHens and OrangesNot so Perfect DayWhat a Perfect Day (it was February)Mother and DaughterGold, Gold, Gold, GoldCat over CatBrave ManWrong Moment, Right FocusRight Moment, Wrong FocusNot so pleasent WaterfallWelcome to TurkeyWoman with icecreamFlagsWhatRoof of somethingDogs, resting. TurkeyArt GAlleryPhotoshop in Antalya, TurkeyWavePhotographerDishPrayingBlack FellowsRetro AdIn PrisonVojvodinaVojvodinaFriendsSubotica, paljenje badnjakaPaljenje badnjakaWhite PalicPolar Bear. I touched himPalić in WinterPalić in WinterPath, PalićVodotoranj, PalićHappy New Year!Santa Clause is restingPalić in WinterCar in the Snow, PalićPalić in WinterXmas TreeXmas TreeMerry Christmas!Xmas TreePalić by NightŽenski strand, PalićPalić by NightPalić by NightPalić by NightPalić by NightBoss Cafe, SuboticaBoss Cafe, SuboticaPlatanesWarm Welcome to WinterHometown Calendar, 12/12Hometown Calendar, 11/12Hometown Calendar, 10/12Hometown Calendar, 9/12Hometown Calendar, 8/12Hometown Calendar, 7/12Hometown Calendar, 6/12Hometown Calendar, 5/12